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Meditation: Breath of Fire

26 August 2014

This breathing technique is best done in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is a great technique to wake yourself up, if you feel sluggish, full of repressed emotions, or mentally overwhelmed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and keep your eyes closed. You can do this for 2-10 minutes. If you wish to, do it…

The Four Kinds of Love

12 August 2014

According to the Greek mythology, there are 4 forms of Love. Storge: Love within Families or between family members. It is the love of a mother, a father, a brother, a sister etc. Phileo: Friendship and affectionate brotherly/sisterly love of neighbor or kinsmen. Eros: Romantic and erotic love between lovers. Agape: Unconditional Love, Divine Love,…

The Acknowledgment Sandwich

29 July 2014

I thought I knew what love was, and I have taught about that in my workshops for the last twenty years, but there is nothing like a relationship to show you all the places you are NOT loving! I have to say that my marriage to my beloved has really shown me another side of…