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Welcome to Celebration of Being!


3 Secrets Men Should Know About Women and
Women Should Know About Men

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Who we are

Based in California, Celebration of Being is on the cutting edge of contemporary inner growth work. We are committed to providing an unforgettable journey into the depth and beauty of your true self - your being - especially through the doorway of male-female relationships.

About Us

As a culture we are lost: We don’t know who we are, who man and woman are, what sex is, what truth is. Most of all, we are not aware of our immense value and beauty.

Through our one-of-a-kind workshops, trainings, and individual life coaching sessions, we help you live daily life fully empowered and present, responding to the moment, free from emotional and largely unconscious self-destructive habits. In our work, all “parts” of you are welcome.

We assist in releasing trauma from the body and its nervous system, gaining greater awareness of the healthy role of the mind, and growing in the ability to deeply give and receive love in healthy relationships.

We believe healthy love between man and woman is a doorway to unity of the human and divine. Our task - our privilege - is to clear the blocks in our human nature so that we may participate fully in the life of grace and connection with those around us. Read more...

Our blog


  • "The Celebration of Woman workshop is about coming home to what a woman truly is. This is the most gentle, yet intense invitation I’ve ever received. I was not babied yet I was held. I was not enabled, my inherent strength was invited forth. Every fear was addressed, nowhere to hide, no stone left unturned, no woman left behind and yet each honored completely in her process and divine timing. The facilitators are Warriors and Angels. Wise, playful and supremely guided to bring forth the essence of each woman. I have been afraid every day until today. Now I am wider and deeper and my fear will never stop me again, I will never stop shining. Thank You!"

    Alana Pratt
  • "I received a return to my inner peace and depth. I now feel the depth, the silence, and quiet peace that is the calm soothing of my soul. I also feel that some energetic block has been lifted from my heart. It feels really amazing to have that block lifted so that I can breathe into my heart center more freely. I love that I have been given the gift of the Divine Feminine, and all her aspects to carry within me and to call upon when I need it."

    Johanna Slotnick
  • "Years of therapy did not take me to the root of my pain, Celebration of Woman took me to my core and released trauma that I never knew was there! Truly amazing!! The women set up a space where attention to detail was breath taking, layer upon layer of tender loving care!!"

  • "I feel as if my soul just opened up and blossomed into the fullness that was always there but was not aware of it. This has been the best 60th birthday present I could have given myself!"

  • "I came to this workshop lost, having no idea why this came into my path. I have received a peaceful heart, a quiet mind, and have found ME! Thank you for such a generous gift! The Celebration of Woman workshop is about shedding an old skin, cleansing and loving yourself while getting raw and vulnerable to your core and emerging as a beautiful WOMAN. Seen, loved, and present to all that you are and all that is available in the collective Woman. Like the birth of a butterfly from its cocoon, this workshop brings out your rainbow of colors and invites you into Being! I loved, lived and tasted every moment!"

    Monica Zands