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Into the Woods

28 October 2014

Last month, Britta and I had a chance to go to Germany and, for the very first time, see our granddaughter, Norah. That’s right, our granddaughter! It was a beautiful trip with lots of family visits and good German food – even for Britta, a native German, it was a journey of new experiences. For…

What I Got from COB–Edition 1: “Self-love and working on my messed-up relationship to women.” – Aaron Steinberg

07 October 2014

As two Noble Man workshops are coming up within a month, we felt it’d be good to speak to some personal experience about what COB means to the individuals who participate. With work such as ours, many interpretations of what is happening will exist–some will say they became more emotionally intelligent, others will say they…

An Epic, Practical Love Story

16 September 2014

A week before my own wedding–which was last week!–I listened to my friend’s bride give one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard at their rehearsal dinner. She said: “When I was a little girl, I wanted an epic love story, and I wouldn’t settle for less. This made me an extremely lonely young woman….